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Lisa Jo is a practical mystic. She can walk with you into the depths of your being while keeping an eye on generating the results you choose and the life you wish to create. And along the way, she will remind you to giggle.

pearl imageMelanie Mills, MAE, CSP, CDP, Higher Ground, Inc.

In her role as a high-producing, consultative salesperson in an international training company, Lisa Jo has decades of experience and achievement. That background, along with her mindful listening abilities, precise communication skills, and solid understanding of human nature, qualify her to coach other sales/business professionals. Whether with her clients, coworkers or friends, Lisa Jo knows how to make a difference in people's lives. For thirty years, I have watched Lisa Jo help others with her insights and recommendations.

pearl image James C. Calano, Cofounder and Retired CEO, CareerTrack

I have had the pleasure of working with Lisa Jo Landsberg for over twenty years and actually have been at the receiving end of her coaching long before this became the focus of her professional life. She has consistently demonstrated integrity combined with intelligence during my long professional and personal relationship with her. Anyone fortunate enough to benefit from her coaching will find the same positive, consistent and rewarding results which I have been privileged to receive over the years.

pearl image Bobbe Sommer Ph.D, Keynote Speaking

Lisa Jo is so deeply honoring of people that she naturally creates an environment of trust that optimizes the opportunity for personal breakthroughs.

pearl image Ed Oakley, Chairman & CEO, Enlightened Leadership Solutions, Inc., Leadership Made Simple

Although I have never been officially coached by Lisa Jo, her impact left it’s mark on a professional relationship of mine. Without her insight and intervention, I might have lost a valuable colleague through a misunderstanding. Lisa Jo was able to cut through the layers of fear and mistrust and get to the core, and state it clearly and succinctly. As a result, this colleague and I have moved on and worked together on numerous occasions. When you have the gift of clarity, whether for yourself or another, you are a gift to the world. Thank you, Lisa Jo, I won’t forget your gift to me.

pearl imageChristie Ward, Principal of The Impact Institute, Denver, CO

I have had the great luck of working with Lisa Jo on a number of occasions. Each time I have this opportunity, I look forward to it with happy anticipation. I know that I will be working with a true professional...in that my every concern and question is responded to with complete knowledge delivered in a personable way. I can hear both the confidence she possesses in a comprehensive understanding of the situation, as well as the pleasantness of her personality, coming through her every communication whether it be by phone or email. It is an absolute delight working with a person of Lisa Jo’s caliber and demeanor. I truly believe Lisa Jo’s skills and personality will lend themselves seamlessly to becoming an effective Life Coach.

pearl imageDee DeToro, Program Analyst; Office of Acquisition Materiel Management; U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs