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What makes a life happy and meaningful? If I were looking, I would want to know what qualifies someone to be a life coach. Lisa Jo belongs in this field because she is compassionate, concerned and spiritually gifted, but she is also organized, deliberate and extremely intelligent. In her gym bag, you will find not only a great, big mirror—you will also find a powerful magnifying glass, a bright light, a travel-size packet of Kleenex, a kid-glove, a big stick, a clear eye, an articulate tongue, a strong back, a big heart, and a magic wand. I respect her more than words allow. I have an unshakeable faith in her ability to guide any life-athlete to a higher level of fitness competence.

pearl imageAngela Brown; Hero Mom and Life Warrior

I have been very fortunate to have Lisa Jo as a yoga therapist and teacher. I have a complex medical history and serious structural issues that include spinal scoliosis, bilateral hip replacement, and osteoarthritis - the later two from my background as a dancer. I have been fortunate to work with Lisa Jo to develop a safe, healthful yoga practice that respects these medical issues. Lisa Jo possesses a keen, discerning eye. She has a powerful combination of skills, being both very knowledgeable about the body and Iyengar yoga in particular, but also coaching skills that come in handy when a student meets an obstacle! She is unfailingly kind and caring. I think it would be a fortunate experience for anyone to get to work with you as a coach. I am glad for the opportunity to recommend her.

pearl image Naomi Rabinowitz, MD LAc; Longmont Institute For Integrative Medicine; Webmaster: dancer hips

I have been taking yoga classes, in the Iyengar style, from Lisa Jo Landsberg (LJ) for almost 20 years. I continue to be Inspired by her enthusiasm for, and ability to teach, Iyengar Yoga. LJ has keen insight into my practice and always provides helpful guidance in improving my understanding of the poses we practice. She demonstrates the class poses really well, and if injured she uses students to demonstrate the points she wants to make. She encourages: a strong home practice, questions in class, and students speaking of their yoga experiences. I have long been impressed by her ability to teach at multiple levels in diverse classes, taking into consideration each student's limitations including injuries old or new. She remembers names really well and where students are in their practice. She engages new students with the same respect and care she shows us continuing ones. She is firm, fair, witty, and regales us with stories of her yoga and life’s experiences. My intention is to keep in contact and practice Iyengar yoga with LJ indefinitely.

pearl imageJim Washburn

Lisa Jo has been my Iyengar Yoga teacher for over a decade. Her deep knowledge of Iyengar Yoga, integrity, commitment to her own practice, and her ability to really "see" her students creates a safe and informed space for self-transformation. Lisa Jo has a generous and curious spirit - she learns so she can transfer her knowledge to others. You will work hard, be supported and laugh from time to time. I have changed immeasurably with Lisa Jo as my teacher. I highly recommend her to anyone interested in the journey of yoga.

pearl imageAmy Weinstein

I encountered Lisa Jo at a workshop almost a year ago. Cliché to say this, but I can remember it like it was yesterday. The minute she was done teaching, I knew that I needed to find out who she was and where she teaches regularly. She offered so much knowledge and an instant concern for her students, that I knew I wanted to be one of them. I can honestly say that the first words that came out of my mouth to Lisa Jo were "Where do you teach?" She's been one of my many Boulder blessings.

pearl imageRoya Taheran

Since I started practicing with Lisa Jo, I've been touched by her compassion, generosity, attention to each of her students and dedication to the path of yoga. Her teaching style is clear, detailed and thorough, drawing from her experience with the Iyengars in India as well as her own explorations. I truly appreciate Lisa Jo's command of the yoga sutras, and the way her classes integrate the sutras as subtle reminders to be present and focused in the practice, and surrender to it. Besides these teaching skills, Lisa Jo embodies the essential qualities of a yoga teacher for me- a guide to self-discovery and depth, and at the same time a companion for the practice. The classes at Pearl of Wisdom studio are an inspiration to me - a space where both the teacher and the student are deepening, exploring and sharing the path of yoga together.

pearl imageAdina Racoviteamu

I have been practicing Iyengar yoga for over 10 years, and Lisa Jo is, by far, one of my favorite teachers. She blends detailed and insightful instructions with humour, wisdom, and compassion. Her style is exacting yet gentle....a hard combination to do well. Lisa Jo sees both the forest and the trees and is not only an excellent teacher, but a fine human being.

pearl imageChristine Shields